A Little Peek At Bad Ass Tock

Revisions continue to be very slow at the moment.  I’m working right now on getting caught up (as much as I can) on school work.  I’m currently done about 1/6 of what I need to have done by next Thursday.  My goal is to push through all of the school readings/assignments before the end of Monday.  Then I can have a nice long revision session Monday and plenty of free time Tuesday and Wednesday.

At least, that’s the plan.

Meanwhile, writing on Book Two continues.  The main reason I’m able to work on writing instead of revisions is that I can write on my cell phone at work.  Usually I do this during slow periods when there’s nothing else to do (and before you think I’m a bad worker, I’m usually doing this while the cooks are watching music videos on their phones, one manager is watching a soccer game, and the other manager is playing games on his phone).  I also get some writing done on the phone at other times, such as when I’m at the laundromat, when I’m waiting in between classes at school, and when I’m standing in a long line at the store.  These environments aren’t the most conducive to revisions instead of writing (and the App I use for writing is text-only, so I can’t revise without losing formatting).  Thus I am able to squeeze in writing here and there, wherever I can, but I can’t do the same for revisions.

Since I’m making good progress on the sequel (26,000 words and counting), I thought I should post another little preview of it here.  I’m not currently doing a post-by-post draft as I did with Book One, but I like to give some sneak peeks here and there nonetheless.  I was also especially proud of this scene:

“Oh shit,” one cop said.

“YOU ‘URT MY BABY!” Tock screamed. She reached into her tool belt and pulled out a handful of thick screws. She hurled them with the force of a shotgun firing, the collected energy from the bullets channeled into them and magnified a dozen fold with the extra mana she charged into it. The second cop was pelted with glowing shards of metal that pierced his flesh and punched clean through the other side.

It needs polishing (this is an unrevised first draft I wrote in between pizza orders at work).  But I like the way Tock is coming along with her powers, her attitude, and her badassery.  Yes, badassery is a word, I don’t care if Spellcheck is putting a red squiggly under it right now as I type this.  Screw you, Spellcheck!


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