I’ve been Published in “Quantum Fairy Tales”

Quantum Fairy Tales” is a newly formed non-profit online publication.  They describe themselves as a “nonprofit, all volunteer, all donation, quarterly e-zine showcasing art and literature with elements of science fiction, fantasy, and the supernatural, with weekly website articles and author/artist highlights.”  They’ve just released their second issue, and one of my poems, “Shadow,” was accepted for the publication.

The poem is a supplement to “Manifestation.”  If you’ve looked through Gabby’s Diary on the site, you’ve probably seen the various poems written from Gabby’s point of view.  The first and third poems seen in the diary were originally written exclusively for “Manifestation.”  The second and fourth are revisions of poems I wrote in the first version of Gabby’s Diary, before I “rebooted” her story for this novel.  As I’ve said before, both Gabby and Tock have been written extensively in other stories (several dozen each) before I started them both over in the new, more organized fashion of my current novel.

When I began “Manifestation,” I already had ideas in mind for where both Gabby and Tock would go.  Their powers, some of the key events in their lives, their families, and their personalities were already worked out in advance.  Many details have changed, and the overall plot of the novel differs greatly from anything I wrote in the previous versions.

Gabby’s Diary also changed a great deal, since her diary entries are based on the specific events she lives through in the story.  However, while the events of Gabby’s life are drastically different in this version, the emotional development has remained largely the same.  In the long run, while she experiences different events, those events were chosen, from the beginning, to take her on a certain path of character development.  A lot of this deals with shame, guilt, and loss.  Those are themes that can be seen in the other four poems already posted on this site.

I’m currently working on the sequel to “Manifestation” (which is not yet titled).  Once again, Gabby has an in-character diary during the novel, and in that diary, she writes poems.  So far, I have about five poems included.  All of them originally came from the first version of Gabby and her diary.  “Shadow” is one of those poems.

“Shadow” has undergone multiple revisions.  The draft that finally got accepted at Quantum Fairy Tales is the sixth draft.  The first draft was in the old version of Gabby’s Diary.  I then revised it twice before submitting it to a poetry contest at my school (it was rejected).  It was then revised twice more and submitted to Avant, my school’s literary magazine (where it was rejected again, though with good feedback and praise).  Frankly, I’m not surprised or bothered that it was rejected from those first attempts at publication.  I was never quite happy with it (I’m my own worst critic).  The sixth draft, which is published at Quantum Fairy Tales, has finally fixed most of the issues I had during the multiple revisions.  I’m pleased with the results (at least, as much as an insane perfectionist like myself can ever be).

Quantum Fairy Tales allows the writer to retain the rights to their work, so I’m free to publish “Shadow” again elsewhere.  And I plan to… it’s already one of the poems incorporated into the sequel to “Manifestation.”

I hope you enjoy the poem.  Anyone who is familiar with Gabby’s character and the nature of her magical ability might find extra depth in it, but even if you know nothing about her, I believe the poem is a compelling read by itself.


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