“Peep Show” of Manifestation and its Sequel

Melanie Sokol tagged me in an interesting challenge.  It involves giving a sneak peek of my current WIP.

Now, considering that the rough first draft of “Manifestation” is already posted on here, I don’t think a sneak peek of it will be all that interesting (though this will be a view of the revised version [Draft Three], which has undergone SUBSTANTIAL changes).  So, I’m going to take this a step further and offer up a sneak peek of the sequel as well.

The Peep Show rules are, go to the 77th page of your WIP, count down 7 lines, write the next 7. So here goes:

“After he counted the money, the Captain frowned at her and asked, “Do you know how much shit I’d get into if anyone found out I’d let a stowaway on board?”

Minerva had no energy left to haggle with the man.  She pulled the rest of the money out of her pocket and gave it to him. “‘At’s all I’s got,” she said.  She pulled out the tablet and handed him that, too.  It was easily worth a few hundred more.  “Please? I ain’t what gots no place else ta go…”  Her bruised and blackened eyes pleaded with him, her mind blank of anything else she could do.  She was completely drained, having spent the last two days running from what she’d done.”

That’s not all that different from the first draft, so here’s something from Book Two to make things more interesting.  Of course, Book Two is only up to 41 pages so far (since most of my time and effort is currently devoted to revisions).  Therefore, I’ll post from page 7 instead of page 77:

“She could make anything she wanted.

She looked down at Minty and Pinky and asked them, “What should Mommy make?”  They both peered up at her and shrugged.

She wanted to build her magic city.  The one from her dreams.  Filled with clockwork people running everything, and mechanical soldiers to protect them from harm.  Towers reaching high into the sky, formed in shapes the laws of physics wouldn’t allow.  She looked down at her hand and summoned the power, watching azure sparks fly forth.  She had already done the impossible with her magic.  What could physics do to stop her?

“Physics is my bitch,” she declared, closing her fist and releasing a spark of mana into the air.”

That’s more than 7 lines, but I felt it was needed since that last line there is pretty epic.  Anyone who read the Prologue to “Manifestation” should recognize what Tock is referring to in that scene…


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