Draft Two Complete


Manifestation, Draft 2, is now complete and assembled.

The image above is a word cloud made by Wordle.com.  All in all I think it’s a pretty interesting representation of the work.  The total length of the draft is 123,154 words.  Though it’s going to be longer in draft 3.  I’ve got a few key areas that need to be expanded upon, which includes at least 2 full new scenes to add.

The “Book 1: Manifestation” page on the top bar now has a complete listing of the chapters in the new, chronological order.  Though even those are going to be adjusted a bit as I continue working on Draft 3.  Some of the existing blog posts are going to be split apart to make separate scenes, in order to improve the overall flow.

The next stage of editing now for Draft 3 will be a combination of 1) line edits, 2) adding the necessary scenes to fill in gaps, 3) revising a few areas I already identified as problematic and 4) making sure the new order flows well.  That’ll likely take a few weeks.  After that, I’ll see where I’m at and work on plans for Draft 4.


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