A Little Bit of Art


So seeing as it’s been awhile since I posted much fiction (what with the main novel being done and revisions underway), I thought I would toss a little something different up here today. These are some art pieces made for me as gifts by old friends on a collaborative writing site I used to write with. All three are representations of Tock Zipporah.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, both Gabby and Tock are “rebooted” characters. I developed each in collaborative writing sites, and when it came time to start writing “Manifestation,” I decided that it was time to start the characters over. I still plan to re-create some of the most crucial parts of their stories (the Flash-forward sequences Mother Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 are actually revisions of something I wrote during Tock’s previous incarnation).  There will be some substantial changes, of course.  For one thing, Tock’s previous incarnation (which was actually her second, with the first being more than a year ago now) was set in a medieval world.  There she worked as a blacksmith and carpenter, whereas in “Manifestation,” we see her working as a mechanic and engineer.

Her core concept remains the same, however.  She is, first and foremost, a creator.  Not just a builder, but a creator of life.  This is seen in an almost child-like fashion during “Manifestation,” when she first creates Minty and Pinky.  However, in the sequel(s), she will be building some much bigger and grander things.  After all, as of the end of “Manifestation,” she has an entire workshop at her disposal (not to mention some pretty nifty powers).


The first image (in color, above) was made for me by a friend named Sandy, who lives in the Philippines. I always found that picture of Tock to be rather cute, right down to the mischievous grin. Tock has a bit of a dark, playful side, something that comes out in the story from time to time in her sense of humor and her sassy attitude. In addition to being a builder and creator, she was designed to be someone who just doesn’t take shit from anyone.  She’s rather smug in her views, thinks she is always right, and considers herself to be nothing short of genius (which she is, but she’s also batshit insane [patricide will do that to a girl]).  She’s also highly lacking in morals, something I made a point of showing during her scene with Gabby during the power outage.

The second image was done by another friend, and I always felt like it showed more of a softer side of Tock.  She looks calmer, and more casual.  This is the side of Tock you see when she’s with Frankie Palladino.  He gets her guard down, and gets her to show the feminine side.  While Tock is a rough, greasy, violent, and foul-mouthed little spitfire, there’s still a part of her inside that is a scared and vulnerable woman.  Frankie brings that out in her, spurring her romantic feelings, and working to protect and care for her (something she’s normally far, far to independent to allow).  Of course, exposing the side Tock was fighting to keep hidden would eventually have consequences.

The last image is something the artist called a ‘silhouette.’ I was always rather fond of her distinct art style, and she was happy to make me a picture of Tock using her unique methods. You see Tock playing carpenter here, right down to the hammer, lumber, and blueprints.


At some point, I’m going to need to figure out a way to make some cover art for the novel. I’m no artist myself (though I have taken several classes in things ranging from art philosophy, semiotic principles, and publication layout and design; these classes taught me theories about art, layout, balance, and visual rhetoric, but I still can’t draw for shit).  It’s likely enough that I’ll end up using creative commons licensed pictures, though I might try to find an artist willing and able to make me some images.  I’m just not sure if I can afford to/will be willing to pay for anything professional.  After all, I deliver pizza for a living and am paying my own way through a somewhat expensive college.  I’m still several drafts away from needing a cover, though, so I’ve got time to figure that out.


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