Flash Fiction

So, recently, two of my fellow authors have invited me to post flash-fiction short stories on their blogs.  I was glad to do so, and both of them took me a bit outside my norm.  One was a vampire story, and the other a ghost story.

But both have one thing in common: they star one Gabriella Palladino as the main character.

Neither of these stories is necessarily ‘canon’ in the terms of my novel, “Manifestation”.  They are, however, true to Gabby’s character.  What I mean by that is that the events in the stories  are true representations of Gabby, but the events themselves should be read as stand-alone stories rather than part of the main storyline’s continuity.

The first, “Maternal Instincts,” is a vampire story based on a previous incarnation of Gabby’s character.  Long before I wrote “Manifestation,” I wrote an extensive story on a collaborative writing and roleplaying site where Gabby was my main character.  When I began “Manifestation,” I was essentially rebooting the character to explore sides of her story and concept that I couldn’t do on a collaborative site.  The vampire tale told in “Maternal Instincts” is based off developments that took place in the original collaborative story, which included vampires.

As of now, I don’t know if “Manifestation” will ever include anything related to vampires.  If it ever does, however, this story could be a ‘sneak peek’ or ‘flash-forward’ hinting at the way those events might develop.

“Maternal Instincts” is posted on the website of indie author Elise Valente.

The second story, “Crying,” is much closer to the canon-version of Gabby currently seen in “Manifestation.  If you’ve read the full novel, you’ll immediately understand the events going on in this story and how they relate to Gabby’s overall tale.  However, they are still considered ‘non-canon’ unless and until they get incorporated into the main story itself.  I hope you enjoy the story and find it emotionally moving.

“Crying” is posted on Ravenhart, the website of Prisca Crawford & Elena Jacob.


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