An Actual Blog Post?


Yes, I’m writing an actual BLOG post on my blog. Go figure?

I haven’t really written anything blog-ish on here before now.  Primarily this site has been a place for me to post short stories and the chapters of my work-in-progress novel.  I haven’t had a lot to say about me or life in general, though now I do, therefore… blog post.

So here goes.

The novel is finished.  There are about four more posts, saved and waiting to be uploaded, but the story itself is complete.  I’m planning to post the final four posts today.  My writing process for this story has mostly involved writing a post, letting it sit for a few days, then revising it and uploading it.  Thus everything posted here has had at least SOME revision and polishing.  Though I still consider the entire thing to be “Draft One.”

So what’s next?

Well, the STORY isn’t done yet.  What’s posted here is working out to be Book One in a series of I don’t know how many books.  I’ve got an outline and plans for the future (many of which are hinted at in the Flash-Forward chapters).  In the long run, there will be a minimum of three books, maybe more (I’m not sure exactly how it’ll go; the story as it stands developed a lot of turns I wasn’t expecting, and I thought to get through another six months of in-character-time in the first book, except there was just so much going on here).

In the meantime, I’m going to be revising revising revising.  I’m not planning to post the revisions online (I need SOMETHING to sell, after all).  Though I do still have plans to re-index the existing pages in a more traditional, linear format.  The current format, broken down by each character, has mostly been an experiment in digital text layout, and a way for me to keep events organized as I go along.  Because the layout is so unorthodox, it’s given me quite a few complications (such as confusion with chapter numbers; because of Crossovers, Gabby’s index goes Ch 1, Ch 3, Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 5, Ch 3).  It needs to be cleaned up.

As for Book Two, I’m not ready to start it yet.  Until I am, I’m going to see about posting normal blog entries, short stories, and maybe “side stories” in the main story.  I have plans for several more characters that just didn’t fit in the story because Gabby, Tock, and Dr. Caldwell took over.  There’s lots more that has been going on besides what those three are up to.  The day of the power outage alone has potential fuel for tons of adventures by other people, which might be developed soon as short stories that aren’t part of the main novel.

In the meantime, I’ve got planning and outlining to do for Book Two (I know the whole plot of it, but need to organize my plans).  I’ve got revisions to do for Book One.  I’ve also got ANOTHER old WIP novel sitting on my desk (time travel!) that might get revised.  All of which is a lot of work.  We’ll see how things go.


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