A Tale of Three Princesses

This story was written for Daniel Strasser’s “Communicating Gender” Class at Rowan University.  The purpose of the assignment was to write a fairy tale that broke free from gender-based stereotypes.

The writing included in the work is entirely my own.  However, the images are all cropped from the webcomic “Girl Genius,” by Kaja and Phil Foglio.  Because this work was made for educational purposes, is not published for profit, and uses only small samples of the images, the image use falls under Fair Use Guidelines.  I chose “Girl Genius” for several reasons.  One, I am a huge fan of the Foglios’ work (seriously, go check the comic out, it’s AWESOME).  Two, their main character, Agatha Heterodyne, is a strong female protagonist who is highly empowered throughout the comic.  She is a fitting example of a female lead who does NOT fall into gender stereotypes.  And three, the variety of images of the character allowed me to find selections that fit each of the three triplet princesses in my story, showing them as distinct characters even when they’re identical.

The story was made in Microsoft PowerPoint, because it was the best way available to layout the images and text in a picture-book format.  Unfortunately, this may mean you need to have PowerPoint on your computer in order to read the file, until I figure out a better way of posting it.

A Tale of Three Princesses


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