Hello, and welcome to Writing Possibilities.

This is a site dedicated to writing.  I call it ‘Writing Possibilities’ to reflect the fact that there are so many options for a writer to explore: fiction, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, songwriting, blogging, and a myriad of others.  While fiction is my first and truest love, I enjoy exploring all forms of writing and multiple genres, including fantasy, sci fi, mystery, drama, and almost anything else.

This site will contain writing in any and all of these forms.  The primary focus, at least in the beginning, will be an exploration in developing the lives of several characters who lead different paths in the same fictional world.  Each one will have their own separate and individual development, focus, and story, and while they live in the same world, it is possible that they may never cross paths.  This will be different from a traditional novel, in that each story will be developed independently, and each at its own pace (likely depending upon which character I have the most inspiration for at a given time).

Additionally, there will be a section for blog posts, another for my thoughts on the writing process, and others to come as time goes on and I see where my Muse takes me.



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